Heated Socks

Color: Black Socks
Size: Medium
Sale price$45.99


Instep & Forefoot & Toes

Velazzio Heated Socks designed heating soles, insteps and toes. Our Heated Socks must be great for cold feet. Perfect for motorcycle, skiing, fishing, travel, camping, cycling, winter cold weather and outdoor sports, keeps you warm and comfortable all day.

4000mAh Large Capacity Battery & 3 Heat Settings

The heated Socks include a pair of 3.7V 4000mA rechargeable lithium polymer batteries that can last up to 7.5 hours and have a 3-level heating setting.

Press the ON/SETUP/OFF to switch between the 3 heat settings

  • High: Red lights on, 140℉- 150℉.
  • Medium: Green lights on, 130℉- 135℉.
  • Low: Blue lights on, 110℉- 115℉.

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