Read all safety warnings and instructions before using the product. Failure to follow these may result in electric shock, fire, or serious injury. Save these warnings and instructions for future reference.
①If you are insensitive to hot or cold items(e.g.disabled persons, Raynaud's,etc.), please consult your doctor before using this product.
②Not recommended for infants, children, or people with health issues.
③The product is not to be used by a person with poor blood circulation unless he/she is carefully attended to.
④Stop using the product if it shows any signs of damage to the cables, batteries, or other parts.
⑤Do not attempt to alter the product or use it for any other unintended purposes.
⑥Never wear gloves if the lining is wet.
⑦Only use the original batteries provided by the manufacturer.
⑧Shut off the power and unplug the cables immediately if any discomfort occurs.
⑨Do not wring out or twist the gloves as this may cause damage to the heating elements or wire hardness.
⑩It is not recommended to use the heated gloves for more than 50 washing cycles.



1. Charge
Please fully charge the two batteries with the charging cable and the power adapter in the bag. It takes 3 to 3.5 hours to reach a full charge for two batteries.
*Indicator on the Battery

When both batteries get charged via the adapter, it will heat up a bit because it runs with the maximum power. This is normal and safe.
2. Plug-in
Connect the Type-C plug located in the pocket to the battery. The heating system will run a self-inspection, and the indicator light will flash from Red to Blue to Green quickly then off. Please
adjust the direction of the battery in the pocket and find the most comfortable position.

3. Turn On
Press & hold the power button for 3 sec until the red light is on and flashes slowly (the "breathing" pattern). The heating system enters the "preheating" stage and will heat up at full power for 5 min then automatically switch to a medium setting (steady blue light).

If there is no operation after turning on, the power button will automatically turn solid blue after 5 minutes.
4. Adjust Heating Levels
You may change the heating level or skip the "preheating" stage by single pressing the power button. When the light is steady and not flashing, the system remains at that heating level.

5. Turn off
Press & hold the power button for 3 seconds until the light (any color) is off or directly disconnects with the battery.



  1. Fully charge the batteries before your first use.
  2. Do not charge the batteries when they are hot. Let them cool down first.
  3. Do not charge the batteries next to flammable material or on electrically conductive surfaces.
  4. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the structure of the batteries.
  5. Do not strike the batteries and protect them from impact.
  6. Do not dispose of the batteries in fire or any liquid.
  7. Do not expose the batteries to high-temperature or low-pressure environments.
  8. Do not heat the batteries above 140°F or incinerate them. Always put the batteries in the storage bag if the gloves are not used.
  9. Dispose of the batteries according to the local environmental regulations.
  10. Do not treat them as household waste.


Before washing, please unplug the power cables and remove the batteries.

It's not recommended to wash the heated gloves more frequently than once a month.


1. If I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange it for a different size?
*Yes, you can. Please follow the Amazon exchange & return policy or contact us at or the exchange.
2. Do the gloves only warm the fingers or the back of my hands?
The gloves warm not only the fingers but also the back of your hands.
3. What should I do if there is no response when I press the power button, or if the product doesn't work due to battery failure?
If there is any abnormality when you are using the gloves, please contact us and we will provide you with a satisfaction-guaranteed solution.
4. Where can I get replacement batteries?
Please search "Velazzio battery for heated gloves" on Amazon or contact Velazzio customer service team to get a new one.


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